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Thanks to the opencart community and it's developers. I just recently launched 2 opencart stores and they are booth running smoothly and taking about 50 orders a day between the two of them. I had some minor hurtles along the way but with the help of this forum and it's developers I was able to overcome everything. I am going to talk briefly below of what I had to do in order to launch:

Here is a brief list of things I had to overcome in order to get this to work:
Problem: Customer supplied a spreadsheet of all existing website customers that had usernames/password (unencrypted) and shipping/billing addresses
Solution: I imported the spreadsheet into all the necessary tables in the database and wrote a script that converted the users passwords to MD5 encrypted so that they could login flawlessly. Also inserted addresses into all the proper DB tables so that there old addresses would show up when they logged in.
Problem: Customer supplied spreadsheet of 2000 products and CD of 2000 product images.
Solution: We wanted to make sure all the products were entered correctly with all the correct SEO attributes. So what I did was import all the products into the necessary tables into the DB, and then wrote a script that converted the product name into an seo friendly URL and populated that SEO table with the necessary information. This step took alot of research in order to find out all the tables involved with the products and how they were connected. Once this information was found, we wrote a script to import all the customer information via a web form (using a CSV file). We also modified the script to display the prominent keywords for the website and it's product name in the TITLE tag for each product.
Those were the two main issues, everything else done to the website was template related modifications. The two websites each have there own Dedicated servers with godaddy and they load extremely fast and are very SEO friendly.

Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone for your help!

Nick Julia
Epic Web Solutions, LLC
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Excellent work, good to see people are comfortable with using OC for these advanced imports :)


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