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We have multiple sites (in different languages) on different domains and databases. (and no a multistore is not able to handle the api connections with suppliers or csv imports from different suppliers and is to complicated)
We want 1 database (hosted in the cloud) with address and everything from customer (id, ip, etc).
Every shop keeps it own database (without address, customer).
A customer registers in shop a and can login in shop b or shop c without a new registration.
When login is done in a shop, customer has to see his address, etc....
Possible or not ?
If so is there a module ?
If not sent a quote for creating a module for this (we use it on our shops, but you can still sell it here).
One extra remark : it can slow down our shops (Pagespeed : Google Desktop between 85 and 95, Google Mobile between 65 and 75) !!
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OC version. However, since your request looks quite specific for your needs, if no extensions from the Marketplace can already provide such needs, you could always create a new service request in the Commercial Support section of the forum to get this done as a custom job.

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