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I apologize for being a total novice with OC. I am just now beginning to study and learn about implementing OC. Long ago, I set up an eCommerce site as the company was growing, but for the past 15 years, I have had a "web guy". Tragically, he passed away from an unexpected heart attack as he was close to finishing a new eCommerce site. It is a very difficult situation.

In addition to losing a great friend and web guy, my business and industry has changed and unfortunately shrunk over the years. And like everything else, more focus in direct online sales with less retailers. So, I am trying to get a new site up to take over from my aging PHP site. As I am new to Opencart but in reviewing the features, it looks like it will work well. Before to set up this cart on my website, I have a few questions;

1) Is there an extension that changes the buying price of the item based on the type of customer that logs in, but this lower price has NOTHING to do with the amount ordered? On my site, I have consumers, dealers, wholesalers, etc buying product on the site. Each category receives a different discount based on their "status", not the amount ordered.

A "wholesaler" or distributor sells to a dealer that in the end sells to a consumer. The wholesale company logs in and would receive a lower priced based on the fact that they are pre-qualified to be a distributor buying at distributor prices. Unlike the "stock" discounts in OC, this lower price has NOTHING to do with how many they order. They get the lower price because they have met the requirements of being a wholesaler (by pre-qualifying through an application, calls and email) to get the lower distributor price. The very next customer may be a standard consumer who will buy at the normal "posted" price on OC.

In total, we have about 5 "levels" of pricing;

1 - Street pricing (normal consumer price not discounted)
2 - Dealer (retailer) pricing - for customers with retail stores
3 - Distributor (wholesale) - Those companies that exclusively sell to dealers only
4 - Brand Ambassador
5 - Special

I would like to see OC show and deliver the correct price to the user based on their login and pre-approved status. Say widget #1 has a normal consumer price of $10. A regular customer with no "preset" status would log in and get normal pricing. A pre-approved and setup "dealer" would log on and OC would display the dealer price for Widget #1 of $6 dollars. The next web user may be a wholesale company buying widget #1 for distribution to dealers. The Wholesale would see a price of $5 for Widget #1.

Is there an extension like this? Anything to get OC to behave in this manner?

Secondly, I would like to export my products and the associated information (stock levels, pricing) from Sage 50 accounting to a CSV or XLS file to be imported daily to OC.

Thanks in advance and I apologize for my limited knowledge in OC. I am just beginning this quest.




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Its a build in feature.
You can create multiple customer profiles and asign them to a customer, its called customer groups, in addition you can set price for each customer group for your products.

There are also extensions that lets you give discount in percentage for a customer group.
I do use a extension like that because when there is a price change i only need to change base price of product instead of changing base price and customer group prices.

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"There are also extensions that lets you give discount in percentage for a customer group."
Which extension do this?

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