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The marketplace vendor sells many mods including their Stripe payments integration.



1) Don't advertise a licence period or term in their software documentation at all
2) Randomly take money from your account to "renew" a licence period at a time of their choosing that isn't related to a 12 month period at all, it is certainly well within a 12 month period when they do
3) Don't answer complaints
4) Remove bad reviews from their mods so users aren't aware of their bad software and practices
5) Turn off licence keys so the software doesn't work even though it has been paid for!!!!

This is a short version of the experience I have had with them.

They are a very bad fraudulent vendor. They steal money from your account without any justification or notice. You will be taking a great risk in purchasing their software - it's not very good anyway.

This is not a complaint but intended to warn the community of their practices.

I have informed the Opencart support guys so they can take steps to protect the community from their behaviour but as of now there hasn't been any response or action taken.

Good luck all!!

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Post by Johnathan » Fri Jan 03, 2020 11:43 pm

They also (1) have a link to their own site in their extension descriptions, which is against the marketplace rules, and (2) have been caught faking reviews for their extensions before.

I've reported them for #1 before, but the OpenCart team either never followed up on it, or OpenPayments re-added the link after temporarily removing it. I've stopped reporting them since it doesn't seem to do any good.

I know they've had extensions disabled for #2 as well, but somehow the OpenCart team keeps letting them re-add new ones (almost definitely with fake reviews as well). It would be nice if the OpenCart team permanently banned developers who do this, but that doesn't seem to be their policy at this point.

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