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Hello everyone,,
Just wondering how OC decides what features will or will not be in the next release? Is it one person or a committee? If you contribute code that improves a current part of the system (not bug fix, but more like better user experience) how do you know if it'll be accepted or not accepted? do you do code first, or do you need to have a proposal first?? vidmate
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I believe Daniel (the creator/owner of OpenCart) decides on which features to add into new versions, but in the last few years he has brought on some more people to help with stuff, so there may be more voices at the table now. Honestly I'm not sure, and you probably won't get an answer from the OpenCart team if you contact them, but you could try: ... rt/contact

For adding new features, I think you usually have to code something and then submit it to see if it will be accepted. You could try sending a proposal to the OpenCart team, but Daniel is super busy all the time, so I'd be surprised if he takes the time to read proposals and accept/reject them. If someone has a different experience, please post here, but that's been my impression.

This situation something that has (understandably) turned some developers off from submitting new features or code, and is probably why so many turn to extension development. Hopefully this changes in the long-term, so it's easier for community developers to add new features or functionality.

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