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Hi All,

I am running and wanted to know if there is a extention where I can add banner adverts under the Add to cart button on the product pages?
I have looked in the templates section so i can create custom banner ad's etc for the page , however there is nothing that appears under that area like pictured in the attachment (not my site but an example of what I mean).

I know there are extentions where you can add more product info to the product page and some have the option to put an image there as well, but its not under the button. It seems there is a whole hulk of good advertising space under that button which cannot be used...

Any thoughts?

Thanks all and have a wonderful day



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Post by OSWorX » Thu Aug 08, 2019 4:01 pm

Basicall I think that displaying ads on such a page is not the best idea.
It reminds me too much on that countless wordpress sites with useless tipps about useless nothing!

And when I - as a customer - visit your store, I want to buy your products.
And do not want to see any advertisements banners!

It would make more sense e.g. to display on that position relevant products to the one displayed.
For example, if the product is a car, you could show there tires and additonal fitting to that car.
But that can be accomplished with the options.

So, if you really want to display there ads, either create an Extension by yourself, or post a message in the commercial section of this forum here.

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