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I'm taking over an Opencart solution for my client. This is the first time I've touched OpenCart.

I'm tasked to make a barebones CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that lives as a single page application accessible through the navigation bar of the site. The site is not an e-commerce store.

I'm running into a few concerns already and I'm hoping the community can answer some of these questions:
1. Is Opencart the right solution for my client? He's not running a store, so I'm confused as to why the previous dev chose OpenCart. Also, his 'store' only has five users currently, and the current site is not complex, so porting the frontend over to a simpler solution should be easy. Or at least easier than wrestling with a framework.

2. Can I create single page app using Opencart? Is it easier to write my own API and throw a frontend on top of it?
I'm currently leaning towards convincing the client to scrap and rebuild, simply because Opencart offers too much in the way of product management and e-commerce than what he really needs.

Thanks for any insight.



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Post by Johnathan » Sat Jun 15, 2019 9:49 pm

If the site isn't an ecommerce site, it doesn't make much sense to use OpenCart unless that's the only software the developer was familiar with. There are lots of other good options out there for a small site (including just coding it yourself using HTML) so one of those would be a better fit for a non-ecommerce site.

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No need for a full e-commerce solution, you could make it in a catalog mode but I wouldn't advise that. You better choose the lightest and fastest solution and have less concerns. Why make it more difficult than it should be?

Good luck!

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