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There's no setting to do this in OpenCart, it's just how it's designed. However, it does use a canonical meta tag in the header, so Google will see the base URL for the product (without any category portion) and know that it's the same page. The URL is also used to generate the breadcrumbs in OpenCart, so if you remove those then the breadcrumbs will only show the root category in the URL.

If you really want to make that change, you'll either need to find an extension that can do that, or hire someone to make that kind of modification for you. If you need to find a developer, you can post a request in the OpenCart "Commercial Support" forum, which is checked by a number of OpenCart developers. You can also try checking out the OpenCart "Partners" area.

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Post by larproman » Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:30 pm

I am having the same type of problem with SEO.
I have sub categories within categories and although each page physically works, Google sees them as canonical. The sitemap generated by opencart does not list ALL pages within my site.
example: my site is:
Google sees all the following pages, all are the same product, but my sitemap lists only the top line; ... -Auto-Wire ... -Auto-Wire ... -Auto-Wire ... -Auto-Wire
Currently Google has thousands of my pages listed as canonical and although there may be a fix I have not come across it yet.

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