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Universal A / B Testing

Posted: Fri May 24, 2019 1:41 pm
by steelfeet
Hi, would you be interested in such a service? - Universal A / B Testing. Suitable for any CMS.
Allows you to test not only the design, but also the modules, delivery, payment, their settings, order, etc.

In the admin choose the option and go to the site. The selected option will be shown. 4 example: Variant A is the default theme;
Variant B is the nextGen theme without a banner. Variant C is a WordPress.

At the top of the statistics, sales funnel options, below the choice of options to display.
A simple user will be selected for the first time in proportion to the weight of the option.
The selection is stored in the cookie and then only it is shown.

If the weight is 0, then this option will not be shown, and you can switch to it only by selecting in the admin panel.
This is great for working on the client site: edits, settings, transfer from another CMS.
After the manager checks that the client accepts a test variant with a weight of 0, it increases,
say, up to 10%, conversion is tested, if necessary, changes are made.
At the end, the weight increases to 100% and the next iteration is carried out on a new version.