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I have a website and its performing slow due to JavaScript files.

This is the url of the js file:

I need your expert advice as how can I resolve this issue.

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Post by IP_CAM » Sat Feb 09, 2019 8:25 am

Well, that's not an OpenCart related Code, but Wordpress related. But
generally, Software like OC and WP requires some JS-Files, to be placed
and work in Header Code, or they will not 'initialize/link' everything required,
to make an 'Framework-generated' Server Output Page work as planned.

You could 'compress' the JS File itself a little, to 'avoid' ~165 surplus Carriage
Return Code and the Comments. ... de-13.html
But it also depends of a compression level chosen, so, be aware,
that not every JS File can be compressed to it's highest
Value, and still functions. I added a full compressed file below.

Try it out, and if it does not function, search GOOGLE for JS-Compressors, and
try some other compression-values. That's all, you can do about. But Site Test
Tools do not know, if they test a simple HTML Page, or a Framework-generated
HTML Layout, and only judge on what they read, and not, on what it's created
from. It's their limited 'Wisdom' about such minor differences, and nobody else's fault.

Good Luck !

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