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Hello All,

I am new here and need some advice on the following. I have in the past used for uploading my previous websites to the internet and would like to know if I can use the same FTP provider for opencart or do you have to use a specific service providor for uploading opencart to the internet.

As this is my first time creating a store I would like to know when you showcase an item for sale from an overseas manufacturer how is all the payment and shipping arranged once the item has been purchased. Do I have to manually pay the supplier/suppliers and then they ship to the client or is there another way as to create some sort of automatic payment direct to the supplier so that I do not have to keep manually arranging payments to the supplier/suppliers.

Sorry for these questions

Any help would be appreciated thank you



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As a new forum user, please read the forum rules. No OC version posted. However, regarding the automated payments, yes you can. From the admin - > extensions - > extensions - > payments page, you can install and configure your preferred modules so for customers to use during checkout or on more OC version the use of the APIs. Take note that using automated payment solution modules also requires an API account from the preferred provider's website.

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