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I have 3 seperate applications:
Hazard Libraby
Hazard Application

Procedures can be related with various dangers from the Risk Library (through a cross-reference). One process can be related with many dangers RSA Archer Training from the Risk Library (P1 - > R1, R2 and P2 - > R2, R3, R4).

End client may come whenever and add dangers to a procedure record.

An information sustain runs which makes singular records in the Risk Application for each related hazard contingent upon the qualities in the cross-reference in Processes application, as demonstrated as follows:

P1 - > R1
P1 - > R2
P2 - > R2
P2 - > R3
P2 - > R4

What's more, erases the relationship from the cross-reference in Processes application (with the goal that the cross-reference is vacant after the encourage runs).

Presently, I need a route in which I can counteract copy records being made in the Risk Application. For eg. on the off chance that P1R1 record is as of now made in the Risks App, and the end client following 2 months again relates R1 to P1 (in the cross reference) it ought not make P1R1 again in Risk Application.

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Most risk applications do use Remote APIs or Webservices to handle those requests. However, another way to do it with Local APIs by using Opencart may be by creating an adaptor such as being demonstrated here: viewtopic.php?f=128&t=172429&p=690535#p690535

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