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Hi There,
I need this to work for my business idea but not sure where to start , anyone could check my workflow and advice if i am missing anything please or if there is something else i am missing and i should be thinking // Thank you so much

Idea is
to start no product will have any price added but as the supplier start giving quotes we would like those prices to be stored so they can be shown on the store online if we decided to do so in future but that showing prices should be optional ,

as a default All products on the site will only be available to add on to Quote Cart.

=> The customer will add products into the CART and submit the quote

=> The admin will get a notification and the Supplier(seller) will have receive an email with a unique link to edit the quote and add prices and shipping cost and click a tick box for those product that cant be found or out of stock. (the shipping cost will be auto added to cross all chosen products so customer will not see ) ,

of course we will have to be able to set %commissions to be added on top of the submitted prices so it can be stored with those prices added on the store front and to with the quote to the customer who wishes to buy the products ,

=> After submission from the seller(supplier), the customer will receive an email with the link , so they can buy with the given price(here shipping cost is included in the product price) as normal checkout. using PayPal's split feature (payment will be split in between seller and admin).

=> If customer ignores or rejects the offer , this quote should get removed/expired after 30days with a notification 7days before



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Post by IP_CAM » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:28 am

Well, unfortunately, Opencart is not able to fullfill your needs, as it comes.
And it would take a real OC-Pro, to redesign OC, to make this work. So,
if you really need this function, you better make sure, to have the Cash,
because this is gonna take more than just a few hours, to make it work.
Good Luck! ;)

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Post by MrPhil » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:14 am

I'm struggling to understand just what you're asking for here. Is this an auction (bidding on an item), a request for price quotation (RPQ), a priceless catalog (price to be determined later), or something else? An auction doesn't work unless there are more than one customer bidding on the item (the price goes higher until it exceeds the reserve price [the minimum the seller is willing to sell at] and only one customer is left willing to pay that price). If this is one customer declaring the price they'll pay, what's to keep them from setting a price of $0.01 for a big ticket item? If the seller can reject the offer, why don't they just set a price in the first place? If the customer can reject the price once other costs have been added in, what's the point? Please give an example of the process from both the seller's and customer's point of view. Is this something already in use in a non-computer way?

In any case, OC probably won't do this out of the box, but would need some major changes. However, no one can give an idea of the scope of changes if they don't understand your selling process.

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