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Is there any chance the partners area of the site can get a bit of a fairness tweak?

Looks like some of the Country filters are simply alphabetical for example the UK filter shows 8 companies all in alphabetical order. Creating a business name beginning with an A just to get listed higher seems petty but how many people using this section to find support will just contact the first 2-3 companies leaving the rest of the companies at disadvantage. ... try_id=222

Looking at the US filter on the other hand it looks like "iSenseLabs" and "Clear Thinking" are positioned at the top for other reasons. I know personally for me those names stick out because they have massive contributions to the OpenCart system/marketplace.

Is there more to the ranking system on the partners page?

I would have thought higher ranked partners higher up and the rest who have same rank random order instead of alphabetical.

Just my feedback.




Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:52 pm

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This is something we've been looking at in regards to a number of areas we're looking to improve.

With regards to partner status and Partner rank status and how to increase this, are currently something of a discussion.

So, yes, we're aware of the order of the partners and once we've got a definitive answer and solution I will be posting about it on the forums. :)

Cheers for your feedback.

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