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After 5 years with Opencart and many, many hours of looking for improvements, editing files, installing extensions, modules, themes etc I thought it was time to GIVE BACK.

Daniel Kerr (and others I suppose) have given us a free software for a webshop. Thank you very much for that.

Many persons have spent hours trying to help. Thank you! Without this thousands of us store owners would not earned a lot of money in THIS way. Maybe we would have used other shoppingcarts, but we have chosen Opencart.

1. Usability
1A) Better Colors Admin Menu View - link goes to my description in this forum.
1B) CKEditor 4.6.1 - link goes to my description in this forum.

2) Modules / Extension
2a) Extension Product Quick Edit
In the beginning of a webshop you spent a lot of time creating, copying and editing products (and categories). I am an old keyboard freak (I like to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible) and therefore I alway look to find the shortcuts.
Editing a product is so much easier and faster with this extension. The developer has made more advanced editions of this module. For me this basic one is sufficient: Product quick edit.

Default version of Opencart you have to click the Edit button at the very right to be able to edit one of the many fields of a product: Name, Model, Price, Quantity, Meta Tag Description etc.

First of all the Product Quick Edit extensions changes the layout of editing a product completely. The default search functions are removed and replaced by fields of your choice. In those fields you type a few letters and Ajax search starts OR you hit Enter to filter among the products.
Now the most important thing: You can edit directly in those fields by clicking the field like Name, editing the text and hitting Enter. The field has been changed and saved. You do not have to click the Edit button, find the field you want to edit, edit it and find at the very upper right the Save button and click Save !!

so much easier to see it in the : video

Product Quick Edit - link goes to Marketplace
AutoSearch Ajax
Notify out of Stock (Huntbee)
Invoice PDF attached to customer email and admin email
TMD Export orders
Super Newsletter incl. everything, better as MailChimp I bought in 2012 but now in 2017 I understand how to use it. This is INSANE, extremely good. It contains everything you want, especially how many emails do you want to send per hour and super tracking: you see every email address: Did the person open AND did he click some links, log file and you can tweak the css. I have used it for some hours. I am baffled.

My Opencart 2.x modifications and extensions shown with videos

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