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Hi guys,

For a live site, do you tweak the settings (themes, extensions etc) on the main domain? If not, what is the recommended way or practice to do it? Thanks.



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Post by villagedefrance » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:10 pm

Well, I suppose it depends how much tweaking you are doing.

Settings are not really tweaks, they are preferences to suit your business better.

If by "tweaking" you are thinking:
- modifications of the default theme: CSS, pages, etc
- testing extensions: payment methods, modules, etc
- setting-up multistores,

... then it is recommended to test first on a local server, like WAMPP or XAMPP, which installs on your PC/Mac directly and will not make changes to your live site. Once you are happy with the changes (tweaks) then simply upload the new files to your live site.

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