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Hello, I'm doing the Arabic translation in crowdin as part of osworx's project located @, so fairly we were doing great, until the "official" translation project came, I agree everybody should take board and start translating, BUT!, unfortunately some people refuse to take the concept and translate it rather than looking at the whole picture, we do have great word expression in Arabic, a very big set of vocabulary, so we can't just translate the 'strings' as is, rather this is what all the people are doing!, if that's the case why would even translate, just use google or bing translation?.
Now, I had a look at it's awful,
  1. The translation is not self-explanation nor providing the necessary feedback.
    Most of the strings are direct exact translation.
and that's my feedback, osworx's project is fairly "better" than the official, is there a possible way to combine the projects or at least a way for me to re-translate the whole official project by simply put it against osworx's project?



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Post by i2Paq » Tue Jun 21, 2016 3:05 pm

I stopped my work at both projects.


Because every Dick and Tommy can have a go at it and in the end there is just awful translation set with horrible lines.

I just maintain my own set of translation which I release via the Extensions.

As long as there are to locations for translations of OC I see no use in updating both.

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