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to keep it short: I found a core bug in OC - when config.php is not working. I like the idea of open source community, so instead of just do nothing, I reported this bug to Opencart's github here

My report was closed without a single word from Daniel Kerr.

Because I'm a humble man, my instant and only reaction was - hoops, I did something wrong. So... I asked here about that here on this forum.

I got answer from Burt65 and after reading that instructions I was sure my steps to help this community and way how I reported bug was correct.

So my next step - still in a good faith, was that I need make a better preparation for bug reporting. So I tested this bug again on old and current version, and write new bug report with as much technical details as I can. The bug report is here

This time i got a word from Daniel - "stop posting!" and my issue was again closed.

Many of you will be angry at this point, you must admit this. Not me, I really want to know what I did wrong to receive this reaction from Daniel or basically no reaction. If anyone know, please explain. Thank You!

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Post by IP_CAM » Wed Mar 16, 2016 5:12 am

... let me try to get you back to earth, and to explain:

Technically, the removal of a Config Setting, as you quoted, would immediately hinder the
System from 'fully' functioning in order any longer. This is a fact. Despite of, what you may believe.

But in Praxis, some Servers don't always 'serve' updated Content, they (proxy)cache the
Content, and serve it again, for a while, as long as NO (real) new data ist requested. And
in such cases, there is no full internal BACK-Control first, if, i.E., a correctly written config.php
File STILL exists, it existed a minute ago, so, why should it be checked again, if NO NEW PATH - or
Link-related Command is included in the Task ?! (depending on what you removed, by nature of things.)

If you therefore would have cleaned out all your Cache Sections, after altering the config.php
file, and cleaned out your Browser Cache, you would have found out, that your Shop does not
longer function, in FULL, anymore.

At least, as long as your Hoster always serves 'actual Data', but this would only your Hoster be
able to confirm, or deny, as long as you cannot prove the contrary (wich would be easy to find out, basically!).

But if you take this personally, it will still not change the Facts, that you have NOT made SURE, assumingly,
what HAD to be made sure, in order to claim a possible OC BUG.

Nothing personal, just take it, as it came. For Free. like OC ! ;)

Good Luck

PS. you used an old Image, on the Isense Pages, he looks much older... :laugh:

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Post by Fabienlolo » Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:21 am

Even back on technical earth, communication earth is still far for some of us. I believe there were better few words to post than "stop posting". :-*

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Post by IP_CAM » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:10 am

Well, we all have our Personality, and if D.K. would have known, what's awaiting him,
he would probably have 'donated' the Public-Relation related Matters to someone else,
and only have concentrated on writing Code. At least from the strictly commercial Aspect,
since one can not expect a strictly commercially used Software to be a 'valid' target for
'sharing knowledge' Freaks, for an extended period of time.

But most Newcomers do not only like to get a free Software, they also expect, to get free
Support, and free Extensions as well. They moved/came to OC, because of this, and they
are fully unaware of the Fact, that OC is just another commercial Business. Not only for
Extension Sellers, but also for OC themselfs.

In addition to the Fact, that more and more Newcomers are fully unaware of technical things.
Some probably expect OC to to just another APP, and all it takes, is a few clicks, to make it work.
To then come here, without anything on real Info, to get immediate Assistance. Or worse, they
even go to Github, and start to complain about so-called Bugs, likely not even related to OC itself.

I have been following OC for ~52 months, due to the fact, that the overwhelming Amount
of Extensions and Fixes takes thousands of hours, just to find out, wich one's match best. And
I kept on using an OC Version out of the past, since it offered me the greatest choice, stability,
and most wisdom, ranging back to the time, when OC still was full of 'shared knowledge' Fans,
adding their individual Knowledge to this Community.

But I also realized, that it takes a lot of nerves, and very good reasons, to take OC, as it comes,
for such a long time, squeezed in between Sellers, affraid of loosing sales, if much wisdom is
published for free, and Users, expecting heaven on earth for free.

Especially for 'sharing knowledge' Freaks, because there is just not much to expect in return anymore.
OC has been growing out of it's Childhood Stage, since it left the v.1.5.x Generation, and 99.x % of
those, coming here, expect to make some profit out of it, in one or the other way. And they sure don't
plan, to share some of their hard-earned wisdom with potential future Competitors, for them, it
would be contrary to any Business Logic. ( And for most other non-Freaks too, I assume ;) )

I would therefore suggest, just not to take it personally. I did not come here, to find/make friends,
and neither did you, I assume. And regardless of, if you like AMAZON or WALLMART, as long as
they are cheaper than comparing Stores, who cares about critical Comments about their CEO's ?!
That's real Life, and real Consumer Behaviour, so, better take OC, as it comes, or then, format C: :laugh:

Good Luck!

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