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My organization is evaluating OpenCart as a billing and payment solution for some of our services. These are enrollment based services that we offer at a variety of locations. Sometimes customers will pay upfront, sometimes at the end, sometimes in installments and they will use checks and credit cards. Sometimes customers incur additional charges and we add them to their invoice. We're trying to use OpenCart to automate much of this process. I have some questions though as the demands my program staff are making my life difficult.

We need the ability to charge our customers additional fees throughout the term of the service and for the charges to process without any interaction from the customer. For example, a customer purchases a $500 service that will take place over an 8 week period. In week 3 we need to charge an additional $15 and in week 5 we need to charge an additional $50. There needs to be no involvement from the customer's side and the charges need to either hit their credit card directly or be put on an invoice to be paid later with a check.

We need some odd invoicing features too. For example, we need to be able to create invoices for customers who are not users of OpenCart and email the invoice to an address and have them enroll in our website and pay their bill. The other invoicing feature is some sort of unpaid balance invoice generator. I could probably do this with my own scripts but I'm not sure I'll have the time.

I setup OpenCart in a development environment and I've made a few tweaks under the hood but some of the features I'm being asked for are tough to implement without significant legwork. We are more than willing to purchase commercial extensions if they provide the functionality we're looking for. Any advice or tips that you think would help us are greatly welcome. Even if they don't directly relate to what I posted, if you think it is applicable to dealing with invoices, outstanding balances, and recurring billing, let me know.

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