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Hi there

Sorry if I've put this post in the wrong forum, just had a few questions.

Basically I'm after a system that allows customers to place bookings. I know Opencart is a shopping cart, but was curious if it could be used to accomplish this.

My client would need ultimate admin access but allow users to login and create their own booking entries. I.e. user 1 has a canoeing business and wants to publish bookings for canoeing trips. user 2 has a 4x4 business and wants to publish bookings for 4x4 trips. However, both of them need to have access to their own entries yet can't see or edit the bookings of each other.

Secondly, my client (with ultimate admin access) would need to be alerted to the creation of these bookings so he can read and approve the content.

Lastly, my client would need to be receiving a commission on all bookings, but to keep things running smoothly it would need to be automated. So user 1 with the canoeing business would charge $100 for the trip, but my client would receive a % of that booking price. If it was 10% then the customer would be paying $110 in total. $10 would go to my client and $100 would go to the canoeing business user. But it would need to happen automatically.

I hope this all makes sense and someone can let me know if OC is the right system, or if there are other systems out there I should be looking at.

Kind regards

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You could use the extension ... n_id=11323 Opencart Reservation

With default affiliate system from Opencart.

TOP 5 Opencart Extensions:
1:Opencart Reservations
2:Stock Report, import/export stock levels with Excel
3:3D Carousel
4:Product Price Changer by Category
5:Set price Inclusive Taxes

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Most Of module not available for opencart if you want to add any functionality wise you need to edit the template file

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Fri May 08, 2015 10:31 pm
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