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I have never experienced this kind of issue. After I made a payment I get my transaction freezed. After freezing in the shop I am asked for a proof of identity. Before I had no such problems (this is my 7th bought extension, I also have a seller acc). Is this something new? Where are the guidelines about the time confirmation completes? I am not sure about others, but personally I am buying extensions because I want them to be downloaded ASAP.

Also why there was no notification about these updates? And since when there is a three steps confirmation? I thought the bank card issue and paypal verification (link with credit card) is good enough?

Please update about the time frames (for the future knowledge) and explain the reasoning what does it change? I am a bit pissed off currently because my work stopped :(

Edit: it got solved finally. How ever the time delay was. I think somewhere it should be informed that this might happen :)

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