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Hi all,

I have now a regular webshop, where clients order normally as a regular shop.
But I want under a new URL to have an another shop, with same products, same design just the difference is that I want after a client login to see different prices for each client.
Client X will have Price X, Client Y will have price Y and so on.

How can I solve it in the best way?
Actually the price calculation for each client will be based on a WebServices to an another server, so I will have the price calc on an another server where I will send the request, Client name or ID and then I get back from it the price calculation.

My question is how to separe the 2 websites, I need to create a new customer group on the new URL?
Can I use the same core files and just the URL should be alias? and then after login, depend on client I will do the webservices request? Will work like this?

I do not see the workflow in Opencart :-( I have it in my mind (described the final result) but dunno how to solve in Opencart the workflow. Any ideeas?

Valics Lehel



Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:04 am
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