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[solved]Out of stock button on Wishlist (1.5)

OpenCart version: In the wishlist I am trying to change the Add to Cart button depending on the stock status. At the moment I've gotten it to say "Supplier out of Stock" when the stock status is out of stock as well. The problem comes in if the top product on my wishlist is Out of stock it r...

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  • Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:11 am
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Re: Add Manufacturer or Model to Category page - 1.5.x

In controller , after line 'name' => $result['name'], add 'model' => $result['model'], In the tpl , find the line <div class="name"><a href="<?php echo $product['href']; ?>"><?php echo $product['name']; ?></a></div> change it to <div class="name"><a href="<?php echo $product['href']; ?>"><?php echo...

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  • Tue Nov 22, 2011 4:58 am
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[solved]Problem with review option on default theme and help

My site: OC version: If you take a look at the review section (next to the product image) you'll see that the box bleeds over into the image frame. Any ideas? (the same goes for the line above price). At the bottom I've moved the related items to...

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  • Mon Nov 21, 2011 6:13 am
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[] Product options don't work

I've upgraded a test site from 1.4.5 to and then

When I now add a product (or edit an old one) I cannot add any product options. Clicking on the little green plus does nothing at all.

Any ideas?

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  • Fri Nov 18, 2011 5:06 am
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Re: One Left module

Is it possible to update this for OpenCart

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  • Fri Nov 18, 2011 3:42 am
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Credit and Rewards

How on Earth do the Credit and Rewards systems work in OpenCart?

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  • Thu Nov 17, 2011 4:26 am
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In stock products on a page? (1.5)

Is there a module for that allows you to list your in stock products on a page? I used to use a modified version of this for 1.4, but it was never updated for 1.5.

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  • Mon Nov 07, 2011 7:20 pm
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Movement of header items in Default theme? (v1.5.1.3)

Website: There are 2 things I want to do: 1. The top categories (Kids, Gate, Electronics) I want to center them in the bar, but I don't want their children to be centered (kept in the left position when there's a drop down) 2. I've created a second #menu (menu2) which ...

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  • Mon Nov 07, 2011 3:45 pm
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Re: Store settings not saving

I mean the store settings, such as Theme, Store name, address ect. The settings won't take.

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  • Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:41 pm
  • Replies 3
  • Views 594 Store settings not saving

I just upgraded my store (well, a dev version) from to I noticed that none of the Store Settings were being saved. I then upgraded the store to, and it's giving me the same problem.

Are there any suggestions?

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  • Sun Nov 06, 2011 5:49 pm
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Re: [BETA2] Upgrade Script - 1.4.x to 1.5.x - NO PRODUCT OPT

I've completed the upgrade and everything seems to be fine. The default theme won't load, only my one from 1.4 will. All the files are there for the 1.5 theme.

EDIT: It seems as though none of the options are saving under Settings.

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  • Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:18 pm
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Last Purchased notice?

I see that some of my client's have been double purchasing items, which can cause some trouble. When a client is loged in and looking at a product page, is it possible to display a notice stating: "You have already purchased this product on the [date], time, order number." And repeat it for every or...

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  • Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:53 pm
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