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How Do I add new product images?

1. In the Admin panel, click 'Catalog->Image'
2. Click "Insert" icon at the top
3. On the 'General' tab, Enter the title of the image for each language you support
4. On the 'Data' tab, browse to the image you'd like to upload to the server
5. Click the "Save" icon at the top

You should now see your new image listed in the table, with a small thumbnail of the image.
You can then goto 'Catalog->Category' or 'Catalog->Product' and choose that image from the drop down list for that product.

If you do not see the image in the list, or you got an error, be sure to check the following:
- are the permissions of the image and image/cache folders set to a proper setting? Try chmod 755
- is the image larger than my server's php.ini max upload setting is set to? Check with your web host provider.

If none of these then please post your question in the forum
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