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Often when people make contributions, they will tell you to upload all the files and folders, preserving directory structure. This simply means that you just need to upload the folders to the corresponding folders in the root directory of your opencart install.

For example:
If you download a contrib that modifies 3 files:

You will open the zip file that you download and you will see an "admin" folder.
If you browse that folder you should see a "controller", "language", and "template" folder
If you browse those you will find more subfolders. This is called preserving the directory paths.

Now to upload the contrib to your site, you simply open your ftp and simply drag the top level "admin" folder into your ftp client at the same root level that your existing "admin" folder is at.

RELAX! This does NOT replace your ENTIRE admin folder. File copy will just copy over the files that exist already at the preserved directory locations.

Folder copying is the same in every computer environment, from Windows to Linux to websites, etc.
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