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As both a business coach and a developer (an HUGE fan of Opencart) it is common that lot of new Opencart users are also new to eCommerce and often need help with both the technology AND the marketing.

My experience is that Opencart has a ton of base features that are incredibly powerful for ecommerce websites (and business websites) and totally blow away the competition yet they are underused and a lot of new users never find them. Its really crucial to discuss because many websites never extend because they dont get a sufficient ROI fast enough.

Specifically: It would be awesome to have a means to share experiences and thoughts on the key features that opencart offers to assist with attracting and selling to new customers. I would be pleased to share articles and tips or offer whatever assistance I can on this to help Opencart users grow their sites, which will lead to more users and more development and growth.\

Some examples I find people dont find fast enough.

Coupons - the ability to create a coupon code for use in an online or offline campaign. Anyone with the code can benefit from free shipping or a discount. It means a new store can quickly run an offline or online marketing campaign to generate traffic to their store. (its also pretty simple to use mailchimp to send an email with the code to anyone who signs up btw!)

Multi store - the ability to have more than one online store to sell all the products you load into opencart (e.g. one premier and one low end, or even to run multiple landing pages... very few opensource CMS offer this (if any).

Google site feed (its standard) which is simple to activate and link to your Google account... typically leads to much faster indexing of your site.

Again, happy to share tips if I can and help people find the key tools... and grow

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