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I'm developing on opencart

I'm loading a model (I'm sure that the problem starts here since there's no output after doing it)
( the path is correct: model/extension/module/bnquotecart.php )
in the respective model file the class starts as:
class ModelExtensionModuleBnquotecart extends Model {
and should be fine.

When the specific page loads I get a blank page.
In other cases/models I have no problems.
I suppose (I really don't know) that opencart doesn't give specific errors when loading modules while for php there's no error at all (error_reporting is E_ALL).

How can I debug the problem to know if O.C. has loaded the model or any other way to find tip (error) to debug?

thank you!

Note: Error logs are empty. I'm updating my extension to o.c.

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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Jan 20, 2017 2:39 am

Well, this bnquotecart.php is something, not even Googie knows about, so, it's
sure no OC default Problem, one could know about... 8)

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