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We had this problem for a client:
He wanted to have several geographical regions the user can select in front end (Germany, USA, Rest of the World).
Then he wanted to have several warehouses for the stock. And then combine the 2 of them so he could create Warehouse 1 to have the stock for Germany and USA and warehouse 2 for the rest of the world.

We have created an module that uses Geo zones and language and some extra fields for stock in the product page. There is a lot of code modified and lots of core Views where we have added the features.
This was done in opencart 2.2 with vqmod. We want now to move all this to Opencart 3 and use event only modifications system.

Is not clear to us what to do if I need to add an extra tab for example in the product edit page, in between the existing tabs with the new functionality.

How is this part done without rewriting code and just injecting in the existing template the new code and functionality?

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One of those Extensions could possibly be of help on this. ;)
Store Pickup Shipping (Multiple locations) for Opencart ... on_id=2958
Pickup From Multiple Store 1.5 - 2.X ... n_id=28431
found here: ... rch=Pickup

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Post by kestas » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:39 pm

If you want use your own module, you need upgrade it to new version of OC. But if this in old version was done by changing core files, it is very dificult to upgrade to the newest version...

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