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As it always seems to be I have received access to the product feed for product and options but it doesn't conform to an easy solution. It does not include prices at this time either but may later on.
So what I am looking for is a way to get this product update feed, through SFTP, and act upon it to update product quantity and IF the closeout is Y AND the quantity is zero to deactivate the product if ALL of the options are also zero.
The product feed is like this:
Model Option Qty Closeout
215-14001 10 0 Y
215-14101 14 4 Y
215-14105 16 0 Y
215-14107 19 0 N
Fxrt100 20 10 N

Now here is the tricky part... The product model is provided then the option, quantity and finally if it is closeout or not. There is NOT a set number of spaces between the product model and the option.
Also it would need to pass by a product that is in the product feed but not carried in my store as I do not carry every product the wholesaler has.

Thoughts, products that you think is already made that might do this or?
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