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Does anyone know of a mod that would let me add prices directly to options rather than having to do it over and over every time I add it to a product?

I have three different products, all of which will have the same accessory list available as options, as it is I'll have to individually add the price to something like 60 options 3x over.




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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Jan 27, 2017 12:16 pm

One of those should be of help, I assume! ;)

Option Copy free, OC v.1.5.1.x -
Want to have many options with the same set of values but have different names? Here's what you need:
Option Copy mod. Simple but helpful, this mod adds a "Copy" button to Option Listing page and allows
quickly creating duplicates of any existing options. ... on_id=8050
Copy product options free, OC v. - 2.0:
This module is used to copy one product options to other products.
* NO Vqmod is required.
* Copy Options on Multiple products
* Copy whole product Options to another product
* Selection of copy specific option ... n_id=20147
Default Product Option (Vqmod) paid, OC v.2.x:
This mod allow you to set the default product options from admin panel,
when the product (with options) page loaded, one or more options already selected.
This Default product option will works with Select, Radio, Image, and Checkbox option
types Multiple default product options (the option value) only will work with checkbox option type.
so for the other types (radio, Image and select) make sure to set only one default option. ... n_id=24044

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