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OC 1.5.4


I have been going through the site demo for Journal 2. Looks good. I am genuinely interested in buying a copy for a front of site upgrade for my online shop.

However, respecting the limitations of the demo. I noticed one or two options that I found no way to resolve. I tried setting up a HTML insert within a footer column. Since this was an option the template gave. But was obviously denied!

Now this is where I don't see any documentation on the subject.

Within Footer and a Footer Column, is the option of Column type. HTML being one. But after that, no where can I find to actually use this once set. So, now confused. An option to use HTML. No instruction as to how. The documentation says it can be selected. Nothing else.

And this now implies what other tools are lacking information?

If anyone is using this template, and can explain how the HTML addin works. I maybe tempted to buy the thing. But no documentation, worries me...

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Post by IP_CAM » Wed Aug 30, 2017 2:26 am

Well, Journal has nothing to do with OpenCart, businesswise at least, and Journal has
it's own Documentation for it's OpenCart Themes. So better don't expect much help
around here, since it's a paid Theme-Extension, not 'freely' available OC-Knowledge!

And since it 'deeply invades' an OC-System, and even 'changes' some default OC-ways
of doing 'things', it's not much favoured by many Dev's, usually willing to assist around here,
when comes to 'regular' OC matters.

BUT I am NOT talking about Quality , it's the TOP Leader in OC Theme-Extension Sales,
I just mention the potential incompatillity, when it comes to further add some Extensions,
or find Problems, occurring with some Extensions, in Journal themed OC-Installations.

Good Luck! ;)
Sample Journal HEADER coding:

Code: Select all

stylesheet: href="https:// static.journal-theme .com/2/journal-cache/_64f18bdb6d5c900ff08457fcc4b3534a.css" 
javascript: src="https:// static.journal-theme .com/2/journal-cache/_e9ca3668e8633544f0a817d7a9941fa7.js"
All Journal-Custom cached, because of the giant amount of scripts and stylesheets used,
to make the thing work with an at least acceptable performance...

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A wide range of matching Designs can be seen here:
For Information on URL's offered, please contact me at:
Hundreds of Mods in 380+ Repositories for OC v.1.5.x - v.2.3.x
to be found on my Github Site:

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Post by spdavis » Fri Sep 01, 2017 1:18 am

Thanks for your reply Ernie

Informative. One thing I did find from trying to 'learn' how to Admin the templates backend. Lots of whistles and bells on a user friendly menu system (even if a tad fragmented) was how difficult it has been to get the writers to reply to potential customer questions. That's not a good sign. Yes they do have a forum, very closed shop. But my point being. A function without explanation, might as well not be offered.

Also noticed on one or two site (a difficult Google search), One using the same version platform as mine, did not have a second image roll over in Category section. On test site, there's not trigger, so assume this a bug or script mismatch.

Noted the URL. Hint taken. shall go look... ;D

I'll leave the Question Open, in case anyone comes up with some 'insider' understanding...!

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Wed Jan 30, 2013 9:52 am
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