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I am relatively new to OpenCart so forgive any glaringly obvoius holes in my question.

I am hosting this installation on an Azure Windows 2016 VM
I have successfully set up OpenCart (downloaded from
This is powered by PHP7.1.7 on IIS10
The Rewrite is working correctly
The MySQL installation is heart of my question...
During the OpenCart installation I successfully set up the MySQL "Remotely" using ClearDB's remote MySQL service.
I then needed to move it to Azure's New MySQL service. This is for both cost, reliability and convenience.
I used the "Schema Transfer Wizard" in MySQL Workbench to transfer the DB from ClearDB to Azure's new native MySQL service. This was easy and it successfully worked.
My question is regarding MySQL tables. When I installed the original site the tables were MyISAM and after the transfer they are InnoDB.
For clarity I have no performance issues with either and assuming they are both secure I have no preference either.
Azure's MySQL service does not allow MyISAM
So my question is: "Am I likely to encounter issues with extensions or addons if I am restricted to InnoDB tables only?"
So far I have installed the UP! template from and I have connected to my PayPal account but I'm sure I'll want to extend further...

Thanks in advance for your help




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Am I likely to encounter issues with extensions or addons if I am restricted to InnoDB tables only?
NO, it's the most modern way to go ! :D
You should just regularly make sure, that all MyISAM DB Tables are switched to InnoDB, to avoid using
multiple DB Engines, by use of some tools like the famous ATOMIX InnoDB-Changer/DB Full Indexer Tool!

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