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I have to make system in opencart where customer have to select date, time and basic location/aera before he can add product to cart. Based on date, time and location depends how much will be transport cost. For example in weekdays transport will cost +2$ and in weekend +7$. Same story with time - 9-12am and 12-17pm will be cheap price and 17-21pm OR fixed time (like 15:45) will cost more. At the moment location does'nt require special price, but still we can deliver only areas whats on the list.

So in the checkout we need customer address which should be in selected area, but we can delete transport section in checkout.

Any idea how to do it? I dont think theres somekind of extenson so i have to write it.



Mon Aug 07, 2017 8:00 pm

Post by MrPhil » Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:53 am

A good starting place would probably be some kind of "restricted delivery" or "delivery cost by zone" extension. You would need to extend it to set a cost not just by location, but also by date and time. It could get fairly complicated, particularly to show a customer (at an already-given location) what their date/time choices are, and the cost. What if two customers choose the same time -- are you limited to one delivery in a given time slot? If so, you would want to put this information in the database, rather than hard coding it into a file. It starts to sound like a reservation system (that might be another place to look for existing code to adapt). Updating the tables probably isn't too bad, but displaying the choices to the user and accepting their selection could get into complicated coding. Be prepared to spend some significant money to get this done.

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