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Hello, I wish to remove or change the image that is next to the product ordered on the checkout page All I need is to know where the code is that tells the site where to load the image etc.
I think its meant to be in....

catalog/checkout/catalog/view/theme/storetheme/template/checkout/checkout.twig atleast on the old opencart it was in the location in a checkout.tpl file.

However I find nothing relating to the image in this twig file. is there another file like...
catalog/checkout/catalog/view/theme/storetheme/template/checkout/cart.twig or something ? is this cart.twig file relating to the checkout page ? and if so does this contain the relevant product image info ? thanks in advance.



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Post by xxvirusxx » Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:34 am

Yes it is in cart.twig, Default theme

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<td class="text-center">{{ column_image }}</td>
We can`t tell for another theme...



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