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Hi there,

I've tried and generally use PayPal Express, I've used PayPal Standard (two problems with that: 1. It didn't give the credit card/debit card options. 2. It didn't pass the shipping info to PayPal, so it made creating shipping labels a bit more tedious).
I've tried Braintree, which is mostly problem free, but it doesn't seem to work for a very small number of people, and it's difficult to find out why as most people just want to checkout and get their product..

Is someone able to help me to adjust the PayPal Express Checkout to allow the different payment types? From what I can see on the PayPal website, it is something that it can do: ... tion-jsv4/

I appreciate any help you are able to provide!



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Post by straightlight » Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:46 am

This extension may be quite informative based on the objective you'd like to accomplish: ... n_id=23477

PayPal Pro: The full credit card info is stored in the database. Although it is encrypted, it could be broken by brute-force methods. I recommend you do not turn this on for PayPal Pro unless you need to.

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