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Hi there. I'm looking to make documentation on how to create an identical working localhost copy of live opencart website. I'm planning to do this on Ubuntu, but I want to ask for input on how I plan to do this as I have little experience with this CMS.

The way that I plan to do this is first create an ubuntu virtual environment through VMware and install a stack composed of mysql, apache2 http server, and php to host my copy locally.
I’ve also elected to create directories that are identical to those of the live website and change the Apache2 root in order to reflect the file paths within the config.php so that the directories still work for config.php and admin/config.php apart from defining the server and admin http.
What I mean by this is I've created a root directory for apache with the same name as the root directory for my oc live site.

From what I’ve gathered from other much older forum posts:

1. Use ftp client like Filezilla to download all files and subfolders from the launched OpenCart website using SFTP protocol and save those files to a local directory.
2. Download new fresh copy of opencart with the same version that I’m running on live site and move to root directory of apache
3. Copy All folders from SFTP to Apache Root directory
4. Export mysql DB using phpmyadmin tool by selecting all entries from database and selecting export.
5. Create new database on localhost through php myadmin tool
6. Import Database to localhost
(This is where I’m very unsure.)
7. Change public_html/config.php and admin/config.php by clearing the entire file and saving it.
7?Or Change the listings from config.php and admin/config.php to
define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://localhost/home/');

define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'http://localhost/home/admin/');

8. Install Fresh Copy of OpenCart using terminal at root apache2 directory?
9. rename htaccess.txt to htaccess

I would like input on whether this is a good way to create a functional exact copy of an opencart website or whether there are important components that I’m missing, or things that I could improve upon, or need to change, or other advice for unforeseen circumstances that I may come across during this process.

All input is greatly appreciated :)



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There's no need to use the .htaccess file with localhost. If using Windows, simply use WAMP64 Server to create a virtual server with Opencart. It runs as it should.

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Post by Christr13 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:49 am

Hi there and thank you for your input,

Thank you for that information, but I'm attempting to do this on a linux operating system with an Apache server as part of a lamp stack. In this situation, would you also recommend not creating an htaccess file?



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Word Press has clear documentation on how to do this, but all the searching on Opencart for documentation on this is different and found only in forums that are outdated or fragmented. ... press-site

Does OpenCart 3.0 versions have something similar to this? Maybe not something that's easily accessible?

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