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Hi! I am new to OpenCart and setting up my store on OpenCart. I deal with products which have same price on all sizes and all products. I would like to set up an offer price say 3 for $100 (or 3 or more at $33.33) and one 1 for $40 while the marked price is say $50.
I can do this at product level with discount. But the challenge is most purchases will be across models so the discount option will not help if the qty exceeds 3 but spread across multiple models..
Is there a global way to set up bulk discounts ( i mean kind of buy more save more).. Please advice on possible options.. Can Specials help? Can that be at a global level rather than individual product level so that this case can be accommodated?



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There's no way to do this in a standard installation, but Category & Product-Based Fee/Discount can do it. You can set up discounts for an entire category of products, so that a discount is given when a certain number are added to the cart. For example:

Title: Buy 3 For $100
Group: A
Charge Type: Quantity
Charge Field: 3-5 = -50, 6-8 = -100, etc.
Rule: Category is Category X

Note that this is an Order Total extension. Order Totals do not affect the price shown in the cart -- only "Special" prices can do that. Order Totals are automatically activated when the criteria are met, and show up as a line item on the order. So if you want the customer to know of the discount ahead of time, you'll need to inform them some other way (like in the product description, or an HTML module on the relevant product/category pages).

Feel free to take a look at the screenshots and demo site, and if you're interested let me know at if you have any further questions.

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