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I am refresh installing OC on XAMPP ( - new download 27/2/2018 at GitHub). Test myself in admin page, I tried turning off my own administrator account (Go to System > User > Users > Edit admin account and switch Status to disable). After I hit the Save button, I was kicked out of the admin page and it redirect me to the admin login page and I was not able to login again. :)

Please add a message, example: "You can not deactive yourself admin account, because the website only have a primary administrator as you."
or do more...

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Post by straightlight » Wed Feb 28, 2018 6:28 pm

I tried my part on Github to address Daniel about adding Rights Management functionality into Opencart and how important it is for top administrators to handle their stores about it, his answer was how rare those events could occur. Well, I guess it didn't took too long to already find an issue. :-\

For now, I can only suggest to look in the marketplace or to get this feature developed as a custom job.

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