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When changing the order status of a cancelled order. i.e. cancelled by mistake so trying to change it to processing, it returns the following error.

[27-Oct-2017 23:28:30 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Exception: Error: Could not load model extension/total/subtotal! in /storage1/modification/system/engine/loader.php:89
Stack trace:
#0 /public_html/k9rawfood/catalog/model/checkout/order.php(307): Loader->model('extension/total...')
#1 /storage1/modification/system/engine/loader.php(248): ModelCheckoutOrder->addOrderHistory('7661', '5', '', '0', '0')
#2 /public_html/k9rawfood/system/engine/proxy.php(47): Loader->{closure}(Array, Array)
#3 /public_html/k9rawfood/catalog/controller/api/order.php(794): Proxy->__call('addOrderHistory', Array)
#4 /storage1/modification/system/engine/action.php(79): ControllerApiOrder->history()
#5 /public_html/k9rawfood/catalog/controller/startup/router.php(25): Action->execute(Object(Registry))
#6 /storage1/modification/system/engine/action.php(79): ControllerStartupRouter->index()
#7 /public_html/k9rawfood/system/engine/router.php(67): A in /home2/kplanet1/storage1/modification/system/engine/loader.php on line 89

The website is

I am also currently have an extension being worked on that appears to be having problems with the storage1 directory. ??



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Post by straightlight » Tue Nov 14, 2017 4:32 am

You have migrated your store from a prior version of Opencart which do not contain the new folder locations of the extension model files. In order to resolve this issue, please follow these instructions: viewtopic.php?f=183&t=165958

The most generated errors being found on Opencart forum originates from contributed programming. The increased post counters are caused by redundancies of the same solutions that were already provided prior.

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