Post by virtualgadjo » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:33 pm

Hi all,
i'm currently working on 2 different shop with oc ( and have a few suggestions for you guys

- one quite important to my eyes would be the ability to diplay prices the right way depending on the counrty/language 12,000.00 the french way should be displayed as 12 000,00 and php number_format would do this in a breeze
so far, i use js to solve this, relying on html lang attribute, easy in catalog mode, a little less when you have to update displayed prices for different reasons

- one other thing would be to have the same SEO abilities for manufacturers, title tag + description and the ability to write a description text like in categories pages, manufacturers are really the kind of subject you may have things to say about
i know there are modules that offer title tag for every page but, quoting your homepage "Benefit from our built-in SEO" i think that would be a great idea, whichever page it's about, not just products and categories :)

- another idea, but well, that would be king of a cherry on the top of the cake :) the ability to have peculiar on-stock statuses that would allow shops to display labels like the out-of-stock ones, second-hand for example as your special tab in products management only deal with numbers

this being said, i must say, i really enjoy working with oc (and a great theme made by great guys, i let you guess :)) and all this is just because i'd love to see oc more used for french shops :) that price thing being sort of a deal breaker...

have a great day



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Post by virtualgadjo » Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:19 pm

hi again,

the great guys behind the great theme i use gave me a solution for this price displaying, changing the decimal and thousand points in the catalog/language/thelanguage/tg-LG.php file
as i said in the support forum, this doesn't solve all prices issue but it works fine coming to french

in the meantime another little suggestion would be to allow admins to choose the background colour you put images on (not the item background in the page but the one you add to an image when for example you set all images as squares in the image options tab and upload non square images
i understand why you put the image on a square background, its easier to center it vertically (even if flexbox model... :)) but, by default the background is white and it would be nice to be able to change this without having to dig deep into oc files :)

have a great day



Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:45 pm

Post by IP_CAM » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:06 am

Well, better be aware of the fact, that OC is not 'common' Project. And nobody, outside
of OC itself, has any impact, when it comes to decide on, what should be part of,
and in wich form. And the Gentlemen in charge of such is usually reachable at the OC Developer Site, he seldom plays an active role around here anymore.
And for one of your Problems, this free Extension should probably be of help:
Change default weight settings, separators, add weight units ... n_id=32974
For older OC Versions, such can be solved also by use of a Language Editor, but
for latest OC Versions, it usually takes a while, to possibly find matching Extensions like: ... n_id=27798 ... n_id=23098
And be aware, that OC never planned, to 'deliever' an all-include Solution either,
OC creates it's income trough Sales, generated trough the OC Extension Pages,
and as more OC includes by default, as less Sales could be generated, as a result of such.
Just to give you some ideas on this ... :D
Good Luck! ;)

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Post by virtualgadjo » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:17 pm

Hi Ernie,

and thanks a lot for your answer :)

i'm quite aware of OC business model and, honestly, understand it quite well as the all in one free solution would be a funny idea to make a living out of any kind of solution, open source cms included...

coming to this price displaying problem, actually there is a very simple solution, at least for the number, in catalog/language/lg-Lg/lg-LG.php we can change the decimal and thousand point
it solves the issue for french language, not totally for languages that would use the symbol before the numbers (the japanese yen for example)

i've browse the whole isense module depositery and couldn't find out the one that solves another big problem to my mind, the brands/manufacturers pages SEO (and ability to have a content like for categories) but well, it will come on day for sure :)
the big SEO pack seems to solve a very very big SEO issue, the duplicate content, well multiplicated content due to the fact that you can find a product under
which honestly is a huge mistake SEO speaking... and as i said, OC put forward their SEO engine on the homepage and, in this case, it's a bit like, being the deuce of a pagan, i would put forward my ability to be an archibishop :D

about this image color background thing, as i said somewhere, not a problem for me to write code, actually this has been my job for 20 years and i am far more at ease with code writing than with customizing things through an admin as i know exactly what i'm doing, the syntax, the result i want and so on... but this is not the case for everybody out there and this simple thing would be so easy to add to the huge image dimension page :)

the most important for me when writing this is that discovering OC (i've made a few website with a competitor, i let you guess which one, made and very well known in france...) and really liking it's simplicity i absolutely don't wish to see it becoming another labyrinthine ultra heavy solution but just give my feedback on simple and obvious things that would maybe help it be even more competitive :)

once again thanks for taking time to answer
have a great day



Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:45 pm
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