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We are using OC 1.5.4 and the standard USPS shipping module. How is shipping calculated. It is box size or weight or both?

We have a standard box size set in the module as 12x12x8 which we use for most products. Some of our products sell at 1 lb or .5 lb. Under data these have no dimensions or weight set but they do have the weight added in under Options because the two options are .5 and 1 lb. The rate never changes. The owner of the site is asking how they set the rate. Is it via box size or weight?

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Post by Johnathan » Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:02 am

The built-in USPS extension only uses weight. It does not use any item dimensions. If you need that, you'd need a commercial extension like USPS Pro.

If you only want your rates to be weight-based, but the changing weight does not appear to affect the cost, then double-check your weight settings in the USPS extension area, and double-check your weight classes in System > Localisation > Weight Classes. You should also double-check your product weight classes and weights, to make sure they're set correctly. Usually if it's an issue with weight it's one of those things.

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