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Over the years the site has had many changes and as extensions have released a lot of those changes become obsolete.
How would i go about creating a fresh 1.5 installation and moving just the core data over like products, orders, customers, passwords etc.

Some extensions made database changes that i basically want to get rid of.

I just want to run the core opencart with vqmod so that i can remove the journal theme and all other themes as the site is taking an age to load.

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Post by rjcalifornia » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:01 am

As I always recommend before making any big changes, make a backup of your site and database.

Try using an import/export tool, like this one: (You will need to follow the instructions in the readme.txt file)


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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Jul 14, 2017 8:56 am

if you plan, to install the latest 1.5.6.x version anyway, try it this way:
1. download this: ...
FTP-upload it's (unzipped) content, without it's 2 empty config files,
onto the new Shop Directory in your new empty Webspace.
DO NOT INSTALL IT, by use of it's Installation Routine, you don't even have
to upload the Install OC Directory !
2. Modify your existing (old shop) config.php Files, to link 'em correctly,
and also according to the information shown at the image bottom, then, also
upload each one of them into it's corresponding ROOT and ADMIN Directory.
--- ... _admin.jpg
3. If your new Shop is placed on the same HOSTING Agreement, create a new DB
in the NEW Server Admin Section then, copy the old DB Content into the new DB
created, as shown on the image linked + enclosed.
3b. But I you changed your Hoster, then, you have to DOWNLOAD/Export the FULL DB,
by use of the MyAdmin DB Tool, including It's tables, and everything in it, and later
UPLOAD / RESTORE the formerly downloaded DB Content again into a newly set up
and still EMPTY DB
, also by Use of the Server Admin MyAdmin DB Tool.
4. Call and test your Site, in the Front and Back Section, for any existing Errors,
originated from/by possibly existing DB Custom Content, thereby requiring the OC
Software to 'serve' some whatever, in order to make the DB do it's Job. And if any
Problems would be related to such existing Custom DB Content, that DB Table/Content
could just be removed from the new DB in full.
And depending on your own OC-1.5.x Version, some Table/Section Title-related errors
could possibly be unavoidable, just to mention this!.
If the Shop Works:
5. Install latest VqMod v.2.6.1 FIRST, before uploading any existing VqMods.
6. Find some Tools and Goodies, like a VqMod Manager, to later handle the VqMods,
Cache Content and other stuff. ... ation_id=4
And If not,
come back and tell us, what you have done to it ! :D
Good Luck!



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