Post by konsash » Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:28 am

Good day

Is 3.0.2 version stable enough? Or should I wait a little more to find out? (I am not in a rush)

Thank you



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Post by thekrotek » Tue Feb 12, 2019 8:58 pm

If you're planning to upgrade from 2.3, just don't. Really not worth all the efforts spent.

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Post by konsash » Wed Feb 13, 2019 9:20 am

A new store.

Should I start using 3.0.2 or wait for further updates?



Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:02 am

Post by IP_CAM » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:19 pm

I am not in a rush ...
Well, if you're not in a rush, then just spend some of your spare time
at the Forum, to read about it. And if nobody is talking about a Version
anymore, then, it was either a major Failure, or then, it might belong
to the 'solid' one's. But they won't tell, if their Tool works as planned,
but keep such as a Secret, like in any professionally managed Business.

It's as easy as that. It only takes a little time, since many Sub-Versions
already exist. But selecting 'latest' always means, to automatically
belong to the Testers too, regardless of, getting Software from Microsoft,
or then OC. And MS does not even come for free . But in Contrary to MS, OC
has, exept for some Github-Support, near to zero Ressources, to find out first,
before releasing something new. It's just the Price to pay, to get something
for free in return, by Nature of Things ... :-)
But it depends on what you use, the Russian Version OPENCART.PRO ... o-cms-v23x
already exists as VERSION (dated Sept.21.2018), and should
therefore really be the upmost stable and secure OC v.2 type Edition.
With a full size default english language package included, b.N.o.T !

The fellow is in Business for some Years already, and he sure knows,
what he's doing. And he probably added most of the Wisdom, he gained
here, besides of, what he found out himself. But he's at war, at the moment,
with some screwballs, as it looks, otherwhise, this Version would not
have been offered for free, so soon already, I assume ...

And in contrary to other russian/ukrainian OC Derivates, it seems not to miss
OC default functions, removed due to little or no use in the eastern part of Europe.
Or then, if you at least use a v.1.5.6.x, and possibly a responsive Theme as well,
you could still get about 25 OC v. Misses fixed, by moving up to v.
It's the (quasi-)final Release (Candidate) 1.5.6.x Edition, but eventually 'banned'
from continuing the 1.5.x Saga officially, because of fear, or at least, not to harm
the new Version OC v.2 Debut, with new Mods, new Jobs, and whatever is part of,
and sometimes reason for a real technical Move. Like to the V.2 responsive Bootstrap
Theme layout, and to the Inclusion of a built-in VqMod like override Function called

But is still a valid Solution, since responsive Themes exist. It still
works up to (tested) PHP v.7.2x so far, by only changing one File, also used
in OC.2.x Versions, meaning that, for the nearer future, it should do the Job.
Also, a lot of responsive Themes exist, even for free. And after those Years,
it won't be an OC v.2.x or 3.x anymore either, for Forever-OC-Testers at least.
To be found here, top left, once linked as Release (Candidate) OC
It's your Choice, so, good Luck ! :-)
And strictly personal, from a tested No-Coder point of View ...

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