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I am new to Opencart and I am using Opencart, I am wanting to place my SSL Seal on my web store but I am becoming stuck. The seal is a FraudLabsPro one and the code is below.

<a href="" target="_blank"/>
<img style="border:none;" alt="FraudLabs Pro Prevents Fraud for Digital Businesses" src="//">


I found examples regarding adding it on version 2.x in tpl files but when I am adding the same way to footer.twig or column_right.twig nothing is working

I am unsure which file to add this too and where exactly, I want it prominent so that users can see that I have a secured connection.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:45 am

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Has this code been copied from your view source or is it the original code? If from the view source, please provide the original TWIG file as an attachment in order to be analyzed. You can also use the free TWIG debugger from the marketplace to analyze your TWIG files: ... n_id=31419

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