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This is probably a stupid question, but there are any major system code improvements between versions 1.5 and 3?

I have an old store running on 1.5 and we are considering moving to v3. Since this would be a complete rebuild from the ground up I was wondering, other than new features (market place, admin ui etc), what system improvements have been added.

We are looking to implement a PIM for product management so the admin wouldn’t be used extensively.

Is the effort to rebuild worth the investment or do you think it would be better to stay on 1.5 and improve speed, caching etc?

The store has 200k+ parts and the current database structure and code can be slow!

Any advice greatly received!



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Post by IP_CAM » Tue Jan 09, 2018 4:06 am

Well, it's probably more an ideological question, to move up in Versions, than based on
hard facts. At least according to some Postings, frequently being made on this, trying to
partly claim, v.1.5.6.x Versions to be outdated and insecure. Despite of the proven Fact,
that no security Reports exist, where latest 1.5.6.x Versions are involved. In Contrary to
later Versions.

And from OpenCart v.2 on up, it's not only the responsive Themes, wich changed, it's also a
lot of other Code, updated, to match later 'PHP/HTML/CSS' versions. In Addition to internal
changes, by moving Files in other Directories, and moving directories in other Subdirectories.
And as a consequence of all that, most everything, created for v.1.5 Versions, even for older v-2
Versions, is no longer of much use in latest OC 2, and has to be rewritten again, to match the
latest OC 2.3.x Version too.

And when it comes to OC-3.0.2.x, it's an entire different story again, since OC now changed to
TWIG-based Theme Coding, wich requires all Extensions, to be rewritten again, if they interact
in any way with the Theme used, and likely with other Code and Directories too, since a lot of
internal changes have been made again.

What this means, is that, exept for the basic OC MVC(L) Framework Design, just about everything
else changed, in some ways at least. And because of this, there is NO WAY, to UPGRADE anything
from an older OC Version, exept for some of the DB-Content. And if one tries to upgrade, it only leaves
masses of no longer used Files and Scripts on a Server, for no good reason at all. Exept for frequently
producing problems, if some Extensions are displayed twice in an Admin Module Section, but only one
of them works, if it still works, because of such...

One therefore needs to act ideological too, kind of, since every OC Version has and follows it's own
ideology. Compare it with Windows, it's a rather similar Case. I checked my XP just yesterday again,
to keep it secure, because we like and know each other so well, and it never let me down. And despite
of the Fact, that others may call me a fool. But I like to work with my Computer, and I prefer to leave
testing new Software to those, who have spare time to kill, and nothing better to do. ... q=SP3%20XP

Still, there are very good reasons, to keep any OC Installation up to date. And when it comes to OC v.1.5.x,
one should better use the latest v., plus a responsive Theme, to make sure, to serve today's Needs,
and have all Fixes installed, ever found on former 1.5.6.x Versions before. But then, existing Extensions and
Mod's will also have to be checked, and partly rewritten, to further function and correct placement of Content
in responsive Themes.

So, whatever you'll decide on, there will be some Work involved.
But better keep off OC-3, at least, as long as they obviously find and fix Misses,
in considerable amounts. Check github. com about it, then, you'll find out about!
Good Luck! ;)

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