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Hello all,

Just upgraded a store to

1. Customer selects Store Pickup as the shipping method, and checks out.
2. Customer is taken to PayPal, where they select the option to "Pay with Debit or Credit Card", and is routed to the PayPal Guest Checkout screen.
3. PayPal Guest Checkout displays a Shipping Method drop-down box and REQUIRES the customer to select a shipping method (the only available option is "Priority - $0.00 USD"). The customer selected Store Pickup in OpenCart ... DO NOT WANT THEM to have to select Priority US Shipping once they get to the PayPal Guest Checkout screen.

If the customer checks out on my old store, chooses Store Pickup as the shipping option, the Shipping Method drop-down box on the PayPal Guest Checkout screen is disabled (as it SHOULD be).

Same user with the same billing and shipping addresses are used in both the and scenarios, so I'm guessing that SOMETHING is different about the the way OpenCart passes data to PayPal.

Does anyone know how I can make that shipping method drop-down box on the PayPal Guest Checkout screen be disabled, using, like it is when is used?

I am attaching a screen capture of the PayPal Guest Checkout for both OpenCart version and Notice that the screen cap for says

"These options are provided by the merchant based on your shipping address ZIP code: 76548"

while the screen cap for says:

These options are provided by the merchant based on your shipping address

The "ZIP code: 76548" part of the message is missing in the scenario, even though the zip code is passed to PayPal, and the zip code field is populated.

Thanks in advance.



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Post by straightlight » Fri Jan 25, 2019 7:21 pm

You can remove that requirement from your custom theme's PayPal theme files in the form field that mentions: shipping that may have been set to 1. Simply replace the value with 0 .

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