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I'm new to OC and am learning my way around this platform. I've been working with Zencart for almost 9 years and am tired of the old feel to it. I've installed OC's default out of the box site and it all looks and works well. I'm looking at certain themes available for free in the marketplace. Most of the themes and addon's don't mention if they overwrite the core files. Should I assume it's writing core files if it's not mentioned? I'm trying to get my site up and running with OC asap but don't want to screw things up while I move everything. Is there a place to find addons that do not overwrite the core files?



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When downloading extensions from the Marketplace, always read the description and documentation in full. Yes, most of the extensions may require modifications on core files (not suggested to use) or even with the use of VQMod (XML files) that target core files. Fortunately, with VQMod, the Marketplace does provide a tool called: VQMod Manager which allows to track line conflicts between XML distributions when the same files and the same line of codes are being searched.

Opencart also provides the ability to create extensions (OCMod) which uses a buffer to propagate the desired features into the platform. However, the conflicted line of codes cannot be tracked unfortunately. There is also the Override Engine you could use to create extensions or even create your own extensions / modules by relying on already existing files from what's been already delivered from the core. Opencart does not use overrides such as Zen-Cart.

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