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First, forgive me to post here as I can't find another way to get a proper reply, so I post here to have a try. In fact, I tried to write it in your comment section, but I found out it is deleted without any notice. I also tried to contact you through support, but I always get perfunctory replies from your junior staff.

Dear iSenseLabs,

I regret to inform you that I have to complain about your extensions I bought on your website.

In the past few months, I have spent over US$450 and bought 8 extensions from you. To my great discontent, I found out that 5 of them are not functioning as described or have bugs that affecting the default Opencart systems, and I haven’t examined the other 3 extensions yet!

I tested your products on a freshly installed Opencart V3.0.2.0 and your support staff reported they also manage to reproduce the issues. I am not talking about installing it with other third-party modules or requesting customization features. Much to my surprise, I have been told to wait for an unknown time for 3 out of 5 reported extensions to be fixed until the next version.

I chose your products in the crowd because I believed your support can help to save time, and your products are well-designed and tested, as what you advertised on your website. But right now, I feel terribly anxious about your product’s quality and your support’s helpfulness.

I feel very dissatisfied and I am requesting to have fixes ASAP, or I will have refunds. Those issues ARE considered Fatal that may cause confusion and distrustful for customers, which I would not install it on my live site. It is not making sense to buy your license for a year while wasting a month for you to fix it.

If you refuse to accept the points above, please give me a satisfactory explanation or answers to the following:
  • 1. What is the point to have SEO Backpack extension if it can’t add SEO URLs to default OC routes, like ‘checkout/cart’ and ‘checkout/success’? ( Support Ticket Of iSenseLabs: 69530888 )

    2. What is your meaning of Multi-Lingual support of your PreOrder extension that only the pre-orders with the default language can display in the admin panel? ( Support Ticket Of iSenseLabs: 3362882 )

    3. Will you install the FreeShippingTeaser extension on your store if it shows a success message regardlessly without selecting a required product option when you add products to the cart and prevent the default OC to redirect the customer to the product page? ( Support Ticket Of iSenseLabs: 68960735 )

    4. Will you install the OrderSuccessPage page if you give a sense of easy-cracking to the customer when they know they can create unlimited coupon codes by simply refreshing the order success page? Your support gave me a fix to prevent this by making refresh to go to the old success page, so what’s the point to have your extension? And you say all your extensions are compatible with each other, how can I make it work with the SEO Backpack? ( Support Ticket Of iSenseLabs: 51216810 )

    5. The FacebookLogin, wasted a lot of time to explain to your support about a default function of OC. As it is solved now, I will not say much about it.
In fact, I just start to examine your GDPR extension, I can spot bugs too. But I don’t want to bother right now. And for the TrendingProducts, I just look at the file structure and it should need extra works to make it compatible with a custom theme, I really don’t understand the definition of ‘Fully compatible with 99.99% of the OpenCart themes’ means in the description on your product page. Last but not least, I really want to have your NitroPack but I can’t imagine what I will face after installing it.

I do sincerely hope that you will fix those issues soon and compensate what I have the loss in the time for you to fix the issues. Please make a positive and prompt response to my complaint ASAP.

Best Regards,



Fri Jan 05, 2018 8:44 pm

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I really don’t understand the definition of ‘Fully compatible with ...'
Well, you possibly touched a rather difficult theme, just by use of your Version.
During it's appearance, it endured a bag full of fixes, and still has an open list of Issues: ... +is%3Aopen
so, I assume, that some of them might even have an impact on other doings, like up
to disable an Oc/Vq/Mod Routine, or so ... :choke:
But Vendors of Extensions cannot include all other OC Files, already containing
all the fixes they made for their Version, to be sure, that a User Software will match
the Vendor's Software. Most will probably not have changed anything anyway,
but other Mod/Theme Sellers might have, and if one then uses such an Extension,
one could possibly run into an strange problem. Just to mention one possible reason,
wich is just not unter control of an Extension Vendor. So, it's kind a weird situation,
to start with, for both of you.
But there must be a reason too, if they decline, to further communicate
with you on this, and I am not so sure, if this is the right place, to solve your
problems. We cannot judge anyway ...
Good Luck! ;)
PS. Some time ago, one of the Fan's would have created a 'Final 3.0.2.x'
out of it... 8) But as time moves on, Versions move on, and 3.0.2.x Fan's fade away ...

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