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I am planning to go with Open cart as E-commerce for my online store.

I am looking for Extension to Add Eye prescription Fields To the Items
I searched on Open cart Extensions Market but i did not find such Plugin.

Eye Prescription will be saved on Client Profile so they can edit it and they can choose it next time they buy. They still can buy items without eye prescription it's up to client.

Fields effects the total price

Do you have such extension or idea how to Create those fields?

If i can create these fields for all items please do you have an Explanation?

Thank you



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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:38 am

Well, unfortunately, such does not exist, by default at least, but it could probably be
made part of a Customer related Section, by use of the Custom_Field Section.
But not everything, you wish, could be achieved so easy, like adding a price to such
a Value, it might take more than just the Custom_Field Section, to achieve such :'(
Still, if you are not familiar with OC Coding, you'll need one of the popular OC Pro's,
to do this for you. Just make sure, that they can demonstrate such in Operation, on their
own Server and Test Shop first, before buying + uploading something onto your system,
and/or even allow others play around in your Software and Site. And it's sure not only a
20 US-Buck Mod, just be aware of that ...
Good Luck ! ;)



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