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I have to admit, the Site 'blocked' my Firefox Browser in Full many
many times, as well as the Rest of my XP, and the only way out was to fully
block that giant amount of Scripting, by use of the famous Firefox NO-SCRIPT
Extension, to then be able to get all those nice free Themes down to my Disk.

But don't worry, it's not a VIRUS, or something, but just an badly script-overloaded
Site, and not even fully https-linked correctly either. But the money must come from
somewhere, otherways, those Yoocart Themes would not come for free ! ;)
I cannot test OCv.2 + 3 Themes,and I assume, that some minor misses
possibly still exist, out of Experience with Yoocart's OC v.1.5.6.x Versions,
since I played around with them for some time. The good Thing about was,
that most of them 'missed' in the same places, regardless of the Theme! :D

The Yoocart V-3 Themes are TWIG coded

Still, I fell in love with the 1.5.6 Yoohan Theme again, and after investing
another two days into fixing the Gizmo, already aware of from from earlier Tests,
and exept for the 'neutral' top header Section, it finally turned out to look like a
very 'needy' thing! :D
This, in the most simple way of making a Theme responsive, by sole use of a tiny
responsive.css file, in charge of presenting different 'formats' of Sreen Resolution.
But for OC v.2.x + Versions, Bootstrap is used by default, just to mention this! ... ry&path=33

Good Luck! ;)
Coming soon, Christmas Season ... :laugh:



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